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We're Courses. We're Connection.


Should I Join Torah High?

Torah High offers exceptional Jewish studies courses, for credit, to Jewish public high school teens. We are parents, Jewish role models, educators, and community advocates who believe that Jewish learning should always be meaningful, engaging, and experiential. Torah High was built to allow our student to explore their Jewish identity with experiences that begin in the classroom and extend beyond. Fun and personalized, Torah High is filling the growing need for accesible and affordable Jewish education.

Torah High Connects You

Torah High is the best way to meet other Jewish teenagers. We foster a safe and open environment where our student body comes together in a way that's always fun, informative, and dynamic. Whether in class discussion or over a slice of pizza with friends, Torah High is the way to connect.

Experiences Extend Beyond the Classroom

Recognizing that real learning often happens outside the classroom, Torah High includes an experiential component as part of the course requirement; where students participate in trips, community events, volunteering and independent study. We call these Out of Class Options (OCOs) and they add to the personal experiences and potential of our students. Our exciting trips and special events are always fun, entertaining, and educational.
​In short, Torah High is the fun way to earn extra high school credit. 
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