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UJA Walk with Israel

Who wants to Save a Life? Torah High believes our students can!

It is a Mitzvah to save another person's life. Torah High has teamed up with OneMatch to organize a Bone Marrow Swab Drive for Baby Idan at the UJA Walk with Israel, Sunday, May 26, 2013

Baby Idan is an 18 month old boy who was diagnosed with a rare condition that can only be cured through a bone marrow transplant. What better place than the Walk with Israel to reach thousands within the Jewish Community to partake in this mitzvah and potentially be a match for this baby boy!


Torah High is reaching out to our Students and Parents to help ensure the success of this Swab Drive! We have various roles to fill and would love for all of you to help out in any way you can! The opportunity to partake in this mitzvah will truly be life changing!

Meet this young boy and we are sure you will want to help out too!

There are 5 ways you can help out at the drive. Click below to register for your preferred mode.


  • Wix Facebook page
Option 5: Kids' Entertainment Station - FULL
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