The Teaching Tzedakah Program is powered by Chimp and created as part of The Tzedakah Project with intention of facilitating a philanthropic conversation and action between educators, students and their families. The goal is to inspire the next generation of givers.




  1. Participating students in the program will be gifted $18 each month during the school year to give away to the charity of their choice.

  2. Participating students will meet with their families each month to identify a charity that will receive the gift and together they will make the allocation.

  3. Once a month students will report back to their class which charity they chose and why.

  4. Once a month a representative from one of the benefiting charities will “reward” students with an in-person impact report on how their gifts create impact for that charity.

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Courses are offered in affiliation with Traditional Learning Academy (TLA) Online. Students will be cross enrolled with TLA Online. TLA Online is responsible to ensure all course credits and marks are registered with the student's school of record.

This program/initiative is funded through our community’s generous contributions to Federation Annual Campaign.

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