The Ultimate BC Shabbaton Package

Here's how it works. When you register for Torah High, you can choose 1of 5 great all inclusive packages. In the The Ultimate BC Shabbaton Package package, you will:
1) choose a class
2) attend your choice of in-town out-of-class project options such as:
   - Social action project
   - Leadership course
3) A FREE weekend in Vancouver on our Shabbaton in October 28th-30th
A FREE weekend in Whistler in December 2nd-4th
A FREE weekend for Spring Regional in May 12th-14th
Questions? We'd be happy to help! Please click here to contact us!
The Ultimate BC Shabbaton Package is only $599
*In order to recieve credit for Torah High class, a student must also attend at least one NCSY Shabbaton throughout the year.

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