Fully Loaded

Here's how it works. When you register for Torah High, you can choose 1of 4 great all inclusive packages. In the Fully Loaded package, you will:
1) choose a class
2) attend your choice of Shabbat Dinner
3) attend your choice of in-town out-of-class project options such as:
   - Social action project
   - Leadership course
Fully Loaded is only $449.00          
Early bird pricing is $329 through July 1, 2019
Questions? We'd be happy to help! Please click here to contact us!
*In order to receive credit for Torah High class, a student must also attend at least one NCSY Shabbaton throughout the year.

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Courses are offered in affiliation with Traditional Learning Academy (TLA) Online. Students will be cross enrolled with TLA Online. TLA Online is responsible to ensure all course credits and marks are registered with the student's school of record.

This program/initiative is funded through our community’s generous contributions to Federation Annual Campaign.

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