What is Torah High and What's in it For Me?

Torah High is an inspected private school that specializes in offering Jewish Studies programs for Jewish students who attend publicly funded or Private schools, in grades 8-12. The uniqueness of Torah High is that it enables Jewish students, who through a variety of circumstances do not attend a Jewish Day High School to obtain open, U, or M credits in Religious Studies, Hebrew Language, Philosophy, Political Science, Nutrition, Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies. Torah High accepts all Jewish public high school teens regardless of religious affiliation, background or previous Jewish education. Students do not have to be observant or knowledgeable in Judaism to participate. 

What Do I Need to Do?

In order to be eligible to receive a high school credit, students need to successfully complete a course of study that has a minimum of 110 hours of instruction.

What Courses Does Torah High Offer?

Torah High offers an extensive selection of grade 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 courses in Religious studies, Hebrew Language, Hebrew Language, Philosophy, Political Science, Nutrition, Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies at different levels of difficulty at a variety of convenient times and locations. All of Torah High’s courses are based on Ministry of Education curriculum guidelines. Like other private schools in Ontario, Torah High is inspected bi-annually by the Ministry of Education. Since becoming a private school, the Principal of Torah High has been granted the authority to grant credits to students who are successful in their courses. All of Torah High’s courses of study have been submitted to Ministry Staff for review and approval. Torah High’s courses of study are comprehensive and include required assessment and evaluation procedures as outlined in Ministry of Education policy documents.

I'm hungry! Any food?

We know it has been a long day, so every week there will be light refreshments that often include pizza and beverages. Students with allergies or specific dietary needs should inform the on-site principal and are asked to email these details to the office at info@torahhigh.org

Great! When do We Start?

Classes begin the week of September 9 - 12, 2013. Students can register and join the course to earn credit until November 1, 2013. Students may need to make up missed classes.

What Will We be Studying?

A typical Torah High course offers a curriculum that helps guide teenagers to approach Judaism in an insightful, relevant and meaningful way. Students will explore many issues of particular interest to teens and modern society such as love, relationships, dating, Israel, music, Holocaust studies, Hebrew language and Kabbalah. We approach all subjects with an open and honest mind so that students can draw their own conclusions. A complete list of all of our available courses is available on the courses section of this website. Click here to view our courses

What is The Daily Schedule Like?

There are two consecutive periods, seventy five minutes each, that are generally taught by different teachers. Between these two classes, students will be able to enjoy pizza and drinks. After every session, teachers will be available for consultation, guided instruction, and extra help.

Can I Bring my Friends?

Absolutely! We invite students to try out our classes on any day and at any Torah High location, up until November 1, 2013