FAQ - Testing Information.

Any Tests or Projects?

As with all other private schools that offer secondary school courses, Torah High pursues summative and formative evaluation in all of its courses. There are midterms and finals. Generally, a student can expect between 5-7 forms of evaluation throughout the year, in addition to other forms of assessment. Likewise, every course has a final project worth up to 15% of your final mark.

What Happens if I Miss an Exam, Evaluation and/or Project??

If a student misses any of the exams or evaluations, they may request from the teacher either a copy of the exam or a make up test. It will be up to the sole discretion of the teacher to decide whether the student will be permitted to make up the exam and with what guidelines.

Are There any Allowances Made for Students Who Have ‘Individual Education Plans'?

Torah High will generally attempt to accommodate students who have an official IEP (Individual Education Plan) from their home school or school board, though we cannot guarantee that all allowances will be accommodated.

Students must submit a official copy of their IEP to their teacher(s) to the Torah High office by November 1, 2013. It is suggested that parents submit their children’s IEP as soon as they register, or contact the Torah High office well in advance of any quiz, test, midterm, project, final, or evaluation and discuss any accommodations necessary.

Students need to demonstrate that they are attempting to perform optimally. Teachers who feel that students are taking advantage of the fact that they have special accommodations may ask that their accommodations be revoked.

What Happens if I Miss my Midterm/Final?

Torah High schedules the midterms and midterm review classes well in advance. Students must make every effort to be there to take their midterm/final.

Students who miss a midterm/final will only be allowed to make up the missed exam if the following conditions are met:

  • A parent notifies the Torah High office that their child will be unable to take the test on that day.
  • A doctor’s note or similar official exemption (such as a school trip, etc) must be faxed directly to the Torah High office.
  • In the event of a family special occasion, proof must be furnished that the student also missed their home school classes on the day of the event. This can be provided by a official attendance record from the home school.

Torah High cannot guarantee that the scheduled retest or make up date will be administered on the same day/location. While we will make every effort to be accommodating, we cannot guarantee any specific make up date or time.

If the student missed the scheduled make up date, then they will receive a mark of Zero unless arrangements have been made with the Torah High office in advance.

What Happens if I Fail my Exam or if I Get a Low Mark?

Torah High’s retest policy is as follows:

Any student who earns less then a 70% on a Midterm/Final may ask their teacher for a chance to take a retest.
The student must also provide an adequate written explanation to both the teacher and the Torah High office as to why they feel that they will do better on a retest and/or explanation of why they performed under expectation such on their original test.
It will be the teacher’s sole discretion as to whether a student has provided ample reason as to be allowed to retake a test. If the teacher feels that the student has demonstrated that they did try to review and study for the exam, then they will be granted a retest.
In the event of a retest, either the average of the two marks will be accepted as their midterm mark or an 80, whichever is higher.
Students will not be able to receive a mark higher then 80 through taking a retest
Torah High cannot guarantee that a scheduled retest or make up test will be convenient for the test taker. While we will make every effort to be accommodating, we cannot guarantee any specific make up date or time.

Can I Challenge or Appeal my Midterm Test and/or Course Marks?

Students who feel that their marks do not reflect their performance must file in writing their grievance with both their teacher and the Torah High office. Grievances must be respectful and explain clearly why they feel their mark does not reflect their performance. Each grievance will be dealt with on a case by case basis.