FAQ - Attendance Information.

Attendance is an important component of the learning process and is mandatory at Torah High. Consequently, missing more than six sessions over the course of the year will result in a review of a student’s academic progress and might require students to complete supplemental assignments. Additionally, students who arrive after the first fifteen minutes of class will be marked as absent.

What Happens if I Decide to Drop Out of a Torah High Course?

Students who decide to withdraw before the refund deadline, November 1, 2013, will be eligible to receive a full refund only if they have informed the Torah High office of their intent to drop the course. Any student who does not inform the office will be considered fully registered and responsible for any outstanding fees, in addition to having a potential ‘incomplete’  credit  appear his or her Ontario Student Transcript.

According to the full disclosure policy of The Ontario Ministry of Education, students in Grade 11 or 12 who do not complete a course they were registered in after the withdrawal period will have the course registered and marked as ‘incomplete’ on their Ontario Student Record. While there may be some exceptions to the above policy, this is generally the case.

To drop a course, you must inform the Torah High office by emailing info@torahhigh.org, or calling 905-761-6279, ext. 245.