Students in Torah High are expected to:

1) Act safely and responsibly at all times


2) Respect teachers and all other students

3) Arrive to classes on time


4) Work hard, complete assignments on time

5) Speak and behave appropriately at all times



Consequences of Misbehavior:


The following is the procedure that the Torah High Administration will follow when there is a report of misconduct in the classroom:

First Occurrence : Verbal warning


Second Occurrence: The parent is called by a member of the Administration

Third Occurrence: The principal may ask that the parents withdraw their child from Torah High.
In such a case, no refunds will be given, and the student will lose their credit.



Offences Which May Lead to Suspension:


A student may be suspended from Torah High for the following behaviors including, but not limited to, the following:

1) Plagiarism or cheating

2) Unacceptable classroom behavior towards peers and/or teachers, such as cursing, uttering threats, chatting with peers during class, usage of cell phones and/or iPods, and inflicting or encouraging others to inflict bodily harm on anyone.


3) Persistent unauthorized tardiness and/or absence from class

Offences Which May Result in Expulsion:

A student from Torah High may be expelled for the following reasons:


1) Being in possession of or under the influence of alcohol

2) Having possession of, or being under the influence of, illegal drugs


3) Having possession and/or usage of any weapon

4) Having nine absences from Torah High


5) Continuing to misbehave after ample warning

Lateness and Absenteeism Policy:

If a student is more than fifteen minutes late to class, they will not be permitted to return to that class that day and will be marked absent for that hour class. Repeated lateness will result in suspension.


A student who misses classes will be required to make up the missed material by completing an assignment determined by the teacher and administration or through another method deemed fit by the administration.

Nine absences from Torah High will result in expulsion from Torah High for the rest of the year.